The City & I

Do you want to experience the city differently?

We have created one in the largest exposition hall of Sladovna. Enter a city of many perspectives, hidden meanings and challenges for discovering.
There is no need to travel across the map with your finger or visit touristic destinations in order to experience the joy of discovering new contexts. The City & I invites you to experience several different stories and is awaiting yours as well.
Some questions may pop up in your head, such as: What does the city represent for me personally? What purpose does it have? What does it need? Where is my place in the city? What can I do in order to make the city a better place to live?
When searching for your answers, you may find traces left behind by those who have passed through the city before you. The City & I exhibition was created by the joint work of the creators of The Sixth Sense of the City exhibition, the visitors of the Laboratory of the City's Sense and the Sladovna team.
What can you experience?
You can wander, swing, rest, dance, be in awe, build and destroy, reshape, climb the tower, search, compare, learn new information, reflect or just play around... And you may also find yourself.

The City & I exhibition was created by:

Dramaturgy and educational program: Martin Zborník, Adam Langer, Klára Mathieu, Gabriela Sokolová Loskotová
Programmer: Vladimír Buchtele
Technicians: Ivo Voříšek, Lukáš Zahradník, Tomáš Řeřábek
Graphic Design: Petr Brůha
Production: Klára Mathieu
Marketing: Karolína Voráčková
Team of Sladovna's educators
And every visitor of the Laboratory of the City's Sense.


The city & I uses the features of the original exhibition The Sixth Sense of the City (Objevárium) and brings them, together with the outcomes of the Laboratory of the City's Sense, into a new context.

The Sixth Sense of the City was created by:

Concept authors and curators: Karey Rawitscher, Sylva Kofroňová
Curator assistance: Lucie Grausamová, Monika Hamerníková, Tereza Dobiášová Krejčí
Project manager: Karey Rawitscher
Production coordination: Sylva Kofroňová
Design, graphic design and production: Lukáš Urbanec
Production: CNC s.r.o., Atum s.r.o., Milan Kofroň, Linda Hampl Mezrová
Education coordinator: Lucie Grausamová
Texts: Daniel Hoffman
Administration: Andrea a Zdeněk Bickovi
Marketing: Nina Kubešová
PR: Petr Meškan
Reception and school groups manager: Alena Kramlová
Accountant: Hana Mlčáková
Andrej Boleslavský - The haptic labyrinth
Ed Tannenbaum: “Recollections” projection
Erik Bartoš: Projection
Lou Sanitráková: Animation
Lisa Beskin: Video of the river
Petr Popelka: Soul
Ondřej Skala: Sound

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