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Shared office


  • low price
  • variability
  • complete office equipment

Café Sladovna is located in the building and there are several good restaurants in the vicinity of Sladovna; Sladovna is in the very centre of the city and within reach of banks, post offices and municipal authorities.


complicated parking, the closest free parking is on the opposite bank of the Otava River at the fairgrounds, approx. 5 minutes away on foot.

Price list:

One hour90,- Kč
10 hours750,- Kč
30 hours1.990,- Kč
50 hours2.990,- Kč

It is required to start on the hour, each commenced hour is charged; the office has to be booked in advance.

xls.png Price list for download [XLSX, 15.24kB]

In the case of your interest contact:

Šárka Málková
+420 733 623 930

Office equipment:

  • desk
  • chairs
  • wi-fi
  • printer, copier, scanner
  • kitchen
  • cloakroom.

Opening Hours

9 – 17