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Reconstruction of Sladovna

The Municipal Council of the City of Písek decided to start the reconstruction of a part of the malt house in 2013.

The reconstruction of the central part of the malt house was executed by Kočí, a.s., selected for this purpose on the basis of a tender.

In the case of your interest contact

Šárka Málková
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Financing the reconstruction

The City received funds for the reconstruction from the ROP South-West Fund under the condition that the reconstruction spaces will be used, just like the building itself, for cultural purpose by the general public.

xls.png Price list for download [XLSX, 15.24kB]

New spaces opened

In the first half of 2015, the Pilařiště play exposition for children under 6 and the permanent exposition about the original function of the malt house – malt production, including the preserved original technologies, opened in the first half of 2015.