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Debate Beams

There are two connected halls with a wooden floor and white coated beams in the reconstructed Sladovna attic.

This space is suitable for organising various exhibitions, training sessions, seminars, workshops and shows for smaller groups of spectators.

These two halls as well as the remaining premises of Sladovna have Internet connection available for a larger number of users.

Size of the room: 184 m2.

Room height: 3,0 m

In the case of your interest contact

Šárka Málková
+420 733 623 930

Price list

Commercial sector

The first hour2.000,- Kč
Each additional hour1.400,- Kč
the whole day7.600,- Kč

Non-commercial sector

One hour1.000,- Kč
the whole day5.000,- Kč

xls.png Price list for download [XLSX, 15.24kB]

Floor plan